March 30th, 2016 | 12 - 4 PM

Northwestern University | Norris Center



TIME: 12 - 4pm

DATE: Wednesday, March 30th 2016

LOCATION: Norris Louis Room

DRESS: Casual


12 - 4 pm: Startup Career Fair

4 - 5 pm: Networking Event

Information For Employers

Meet students at the fair
Get to know them at the afterparty
Hire them with the help of our resume book

Are you a growing startup looking to source diverse, top-tier talent for a variety of roles? Are you attracted to the convenience of accessing multiple candidate populations and skill sets in one convenient location? If this sounds like you, consider participating in the 2016 Northwestern University Startup Career Fair!

In 2015, over 50 startup companies attended, networking with over 700 students from graduate and undergraduate schools at Northwestern. We’re aiming even higher this year, and want you to be part of this growing event!

This event will be a great opportunity to meet students across a variety of Northwestern disciplines for full-time or internship opportunities while you build your brand. After the fair, participating companies will receive access to a student resume portal.

To register, please fill out our online application form via CareerCat by 3/11. Once accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from our team with payment information and detailed logistics. The standard registration fee is $250.

Interested in sponsoring? Our sponsorship package is $500. It includes a prime location in the fair as well as prominent marketing as a sponsor in all fair materials leading up to and during the fair. Sponsors will also be given two table with unlimited amount of representatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Will both undergraduates and graduate students be in attendance?

Yes. Last year, a little over half of students were undergraduates. There were about 70 MBAs in attendance. Undergraduates in attendance range from freshmen seeking internships to seniors seeking full-time employment.

What majors will attend the fair?

Students who attend the Fair come from all backgrounds. That said, Economics, Computer Science, and other Engineering majors were the most common majors last year.

What if we are only looking to hire interns OR full time?

That's perfectly fine. There will be hundreds of students in attendance seeking both internships and full time opportunities, be they undergraduates or graduate students.

Do we receive access to student resumes?

Yes. We collect electronic copies of students' resumes and share them with you immediately following the fair.

Is there a certain number of recruiters we must send? What if we don't have an official recruiter?

No, there isn't any set number we require, and if you don't have an official recruiter, that is not at all a problem. The max number of people we allow companies to send is 4, but 2 or 3 is probably better given the amount of space allotted to each table.

What if we aren't currently looking to fill any positions, but we know in the near future we will have positions to fill?

So long as there a potential openings for NU students in the near future, you are welcome to attend the fair.

How big are the 'booths' employers are provided at the fair?

The 'booths' are 3x5 tables. Two recruiters can fit comfortably behind a table, while a third can set up station in front of the table.

Are there refunds?

Yes, we are able to refund the registration fees up to two weeks prior to the fair.

How does parking work?

We have a parking garage located right by our Norris University Center. We will provide you permits the day of the fair.


Should I bring my resume to the Career Fair?

Yes. Please bring paper copies of your resume in addition to uploading it during signup.

I am a graduate student. Can I still come?

Yes. We will have a wide variety of employers looking for students with a wide variety of backgrounds.

How many startups will be looking for interns vs. full-time hires?

It will most likely be a nearly even split. Some startups will be looking for both.

Will there be any particular industry concentration, for instance, high-tech, at the Fair?

No. High-tech will be well-represented, but so will other industries.

How do I know what startups will be attending?

Startups attending should be listed on this site. We will also provide pamphlets on the day-of the Fair listing the startups and the positions they are seeking to fill.

What stage startups will be in attendance?

Startups of all stages, from seed to already acquired, will be represented at the Fair.

What is the dress code?

You are welcome to wear anything you think appropriate, but we recommend casual dress.